Nick Peres
Nick Peres
head of content and innovation

Nick is the head of content and innovation at Superb where he supports the operation and development of livestream services and media production, including regular, premium quality programming to TikTok and partners.
In this role, Nick supports the Superb team in fresh content strategies, audience data-influenced ideation and the set up, scheduling and running of four full professional live production studios. Nick has a 15 year background working in web broadcast, video production and user behavioural technologies both as a practitioner and in an academic research capacity.
In addition, Nick holds extensive experience working in digital innovation (including XR ‘immersive’ technologies) across a variety of industries with a particular focus on the adoption and accessibility of emerging technologies from a user literacy and user experience perspective. Nick has frequently spoken at national level (and is a TEDx speaker) on the use and potential of virtual technologies, sharing an innovator's journey for how human centred narrative remains paramount in a world of new trends.

My Sessions
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Panel discussion (Mainstage plenary: Broadgate)